Process a Refund from a Previous Transaction


Transactions can be refunded directly from the transaction receipt up to six months from the date of the original transaction.


  1. Select Locations from the left-hand side navigation menu.

  2. Select your location.

  3. Select the Transactions tab toward the top of the page.

  4. Locate the transaction you wish to refund.

  5. Open the transaction receipt by selecting either the date & time stamp or the small blue box that reads Receipt when you hover over it.

  6. Select the blue Refund Trans button toward the bottom of the receipt.

  7. Enter the desired refund amount and select Refund Transaction.

  8. The Transaction Detail screen will automatically display. The refunded status will show under Transaction History. The transaction receipt will also show additional options such as printing, emailing the receipt or voiding the transaction.

  9. You're done!