Reports - Expiring Account Vaults


The Expiring Account Vaults report displays the credit and debit card account vaults for the location(s) you can access that are going to expire in a specified time frame.  The fields directly above the column headings allow the user to filter the results of the report by selecting options from a drop-down menu (indicated by a black down arrow).

Article Contents

  1. Opening the Expiring Account Vaults report
  2. Filtering the report results


Open the Expiring Account Vaults Report

  1. Select Reports from the left-hand menu.

  2. Select Expiring Account Vaults from the left-hand Reports menu.

  3. The report will open to display a list of expiring credit and debit card account vaults.

Filtering the Expiring Account Vaults Report

Use the Recurring Billing, Expire in Months, and Location drop-down filter fields to find the specific data you are looking for.