Pax Terminal "error lookup FirmwareEntry"


Terminal displays the error message "error lookup FirmwareEntry" (error lookup firmware entry)



  1. Power off the terminal.
  2. Wait until the terminal shuts down completely.
  3. Power on the terminal.
  4. During the self-test:
    1. Press the Func key.
    2. Press Cancel.
  5. Choose RemoteDownload from the displayed menu.
  6. Choose New Download.
  7. Select TCP for the communications method.
  8. Enter for the remote IP. 
    1. To enter the letter a:
      1. Press the 1 key.
      2. Press the alpha key 5 times.
  9. Enter 8001 for the port number.
  10. If the Auto get local IP address(DHCP) prompt appears:
    1. Choose Yes.
  11. Enter 80000001 (6 zeros) for the terminal ID.


**If this does not resolve the issue contact Support for further assistance.**