Why haven't I received my nightly reports?


Please note that the nightly reports will only be generated if there have been transactions processed during the previous day.

If you have processed transactions the previous day, but haven't received the nightly reports, please check the following:

Check all your email folders:

  • Check the following in your email program:
    • Spam Folder
    • Trash Folder
    • Inbox Subfolders

Note to Gmail Users:  Google may auto-classify incoming emails and move them to another folder automatically.  Please be sure to check all folders in Gmail for the expected emails.
**You may have to expand the More or More labels items in the folders list to view your Spam and Trash folders.

Ask your local client admin to check your user preferences:

  • Is the correct email address assigned to the user's account?
  • Are the report Preferences set correctly?
    • The following nightly reports must be selected under the user:
      • nightly ach email
      • nightly_cc_email

If the above items do not resolve the issue, contact Support:

  • Support will check to ensure that there are no flags on the email address that would make the mail undeliverable or blacklisted.
    Note: The email will be blacklisted if the nightly reports fail delivery for 14 consecutive days.

If Support does not find any flags on the email address, we recommend contacting your email provider and/or your IT person for assistance in checking the other systems involved in delivering email.