How do I login or reset my password?

If you have an email on file:

  1. Go to the login screen.
  2. Click on Forgot Password Link

  3. Enter your Username (it may be your email address).

  4. Click Submit.

  5. A password reset link will be sent to your email on file
  6. Click on the password reset link in the email and complete the form using the Password Requirements as shown below.
  1. Click Set Password to save your new credentials.

If you do not have an email on file:

  1. Contact your client admin who will need to create a temporary password for you through the Change Password tab under:
          Settings > Users > Select username
  2. The temporary password can be used once to log in and you will be prompted to create a new password.
  3. Enter your username to create the new password then follow the instructions in the top section of this article starting at step 3.

o    Note:  The password requirements are a minimum of 8 characters with at least one upper and one lower case letter, one symbol, and one number.  It cannot match any of your last 4 passwords.