Transactions - History & Forecast

To easily view your last six months' transactions and any future billings that are scheduled for the next six months view the Transactions - History & Forecast graph on the Dashboard page.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard.
  2. The Transactions - History and Forecast graph will display automatically.
  3. The default settings for the graph display all historical and future transactions for the past and next six months.

Filtering the Transactions - History & Forecast Graph

The graph can be filtered for the following:

  • Payment Type:
    • All
    • CC
    • ACH
  • Transaction Type:
    • Historical
      • Onetime
      • Installment
      • Ongoing
    • Future
      • Installment
      • Ongoing

To Apply Payment Type Filters

  1. Click on the Payment Type button you wish to view to toggle the selection (All, CC, or ACH).
  2. The selected button will change color once it's active.

To Apply Transaction Type Filters

  1. Click on the Transaction Type(s) you wish to hide from the view.
  2. The selected Type will appear greyed out when it is deselected.