Add a Recurring Billing


The payments system supports auto-recurring debit transactions (i.e., Recurring Billings) to support installment payments and subscriptions.  The two types of Recurring Billing schedules supported are:

  • Ongoing - This billing schedule repeats indefinitely until it is manually canceled.  This billing type is often used for subscriptions.
  • Installment - This billing schedule only repeats a specified number of times.  This billing type is often used for installment plans.

Prerequisites:  Contact record & Account Vault

Permissions: Account Vaults & Recurring Billings


Navigate to the Recurring Billings Page

If you have access to multiple locations, you will need to select the correct location where the Recurring Billing should be created.

  1. Select Locations from the left-hand menu.
  2. Click on the Location Name.

  3. Open the Contacts tab.
    Note:  From the Contacts tab you can either (a) create or (b) select a Contact record.

  4. Click on the First Name or Last Name of the Contact to open the record.
  5. Open the Recurring Billings tab.

Add the Recurring Billing

  1. Click the Add Recurring Billing button (in the top right-hand corner).

  2. If the contact already has an Account Vault the payment method section will pre-populate.

  3. Complete the Recurring Billing Details section as follows:
    Note:  Required fields are indicated in the portal by a red asterisk (*).
    1. Description - Enter a description of the purchase (if desired).
    2. Transaction Amount - Enter the amount to be charged for each payment.
      (Example: Full Amount Due = 200.00, Recurring Installment = 10 payments, Transaction Amount = 20.00)
    3. Payment Type - Leave the Repeating option selected.
    4. Process Every (text & drop-down) - Set the frequency the transaction will process.
      (i.e., Process Every 2 Weeks, Process Every 12 Months, etc.)

    5. Payment Start Date (calendar) - Select the date you want the first transaction to process.

    6. Recurring Billing End (radio buttons) - Select either
      1. Ongoing - No Specified End Date
      2. Installment - After x Number of Payments
    7. Number of Payments (Installment only) - The number of times the transaction should repeat.
    8. Notify Before Payment - The number of days before the transaction runs that the system should generate a notification email to the customer.
      Note:  0 = No Notification Email,  Min: 1 Day - Max: 365 Days

    9. Tags - If you use Tags they can also be added to Recurring Billings.

  4. Click the Save button when you are finished.

  5. A message box will appear at the top of the screen to confirm the Recurring Billing was saved successfully.

Authorization Agreement / Receipt

After the Recurring Billing is saved an Authorization Agreement screen will pop up.  This serves as the legal payment agreement between you and the customer
as well as a receipt of the transaction(s).
Note:  The wording of the legal terms & conditions reflected in this agreement are customizable.  Please contact customer service for more information.

  1. This window displays all of the details from the Recurring Billing Details form.
  2. Have the customer:
    1. Review the information.
    2. Initial & Sign the agreement.
  3. Print a hard copy of the agreement if needed.
  4. Click the Close button to save the signed Authorization Agreement and close the pop-up box.



Tips for Setting Up Recurring Billings

  • The system does not limit the number of Recurring Billings you can have.
  • Certain billing scenarios will require multiple Recurring Billing records to be created at once.
    • Twice Monthly Billing Cycle
      For example, you need to bill your customer each month on the 1st and on the 15th of each month.
      • Set up one Recurring Billing record that runs once a month on the 1st.
      • Set up a second Recurring Billing record that runs once a month on the 15th.
    • Tiered Pricing Scenarios
      For example, a customer signs up for a service with tiered pricing.  The customer will be billed for six months starting January 1st.  The first 3 months are to be billed at $100.00 each month and the last three months are to be billed at $50.00 each month for a total of $450.00.
      • This example will require two Recurring Billing records.